The Zen of Martial Arts

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Insight offers TKD Fun Fusion, a therapeutic movement program for ages 6 - 16. TKD Fun Fusion is an affordable, unique program designed to develop self control, concentration and confidence for children and teens with behavioral or learning difficulties.

Benefits of Tae Kwon Do & Martial Arts

  1. Has appeal of an individual activity rather than team sport. Each person working at his own level in a class of mixed ages & ability levels decreases competitiveness & the intimidation factor. Goals in the form of belts are clearly visible.
  2. Much repetition of the same basic movements as virtually all belt levels are practicing & gradually refining those same movements over & over with an emphasis on developing chi & core strength.
  3. Kinesthetic awareness & body control are enhanced via development of proprioceptor awareness. The emphasis on repetition & resulting refinement of those joint movements is the basis for physical & subsequent mental control and alas, the Zen meditative experience.
  4. Impulse control & a sense of calm is further enhanced by a rich philosophy encompassing the eastern values of:
    1. Empty (calm, peaceful) mind
    2. Patience/self-control/anger management
    3. Humility & respect for others
    4. Goal setting, perseverance and diligence
    5. Cooperative learning & helping one’s peers
  5. Mind/Body/Spirit Balance is apparent in increased grounded ness (bare feet), core strength, body control, stamina & muscle strength (break boards) & subsequent increased confidence>

Martial Arts are many things to many people

  1. Complete upper and lower body exercise (aerobic and anaerobic) building muscle strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.
  2. An art, a philosophy & a way of life.
  3. Either non-competitive training or a competitive sport and potential Olympic sport.
  4. An effective form of self-defense, emphasizing avoidance, evasion & escape tactics.

Tae Kwon Do characteristics

  1. Originated in South Korea & has become the most popular form of martial art in US
  2. Differentiated from other martial arts by these three factors: an Olympic sport is linear & emphasizes high kicking & jumping kicks, does not use weapons.

History & demographics of Martial Arts

  1. Approximately 40 different styles from Eastern countries.
  2. Originated thousands of years ago as a means of self-discipline & exercise.
  3. Progression to the west and subsequent changes.


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