Yoga Classes

Heart Centered Yoga - Meditation - Tai Chi
We offer gentle Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi in a warm, friendly environment.  Our teachers provide a thoughtful blend of Heart ­Centered movement and meditation.  Smaller classes ­ Non­competitive ­All inclusive ­ All ability levels
Drop in $15.00 or $99/8 class card
New Student?  Buy a 30-day unlimited class pass for only $60.00

Tuesdays;  7 - 8:15 pm - Kundalini Yoga

Thursdays:  6:45-8 pm Yoga of Now 

Fridays:  11-12 pm Yoga Journey Inward 
Family Yoga - coming in January 2018


Teen Yoga  - 6 week series - call for start date

This class is designed to meet the unique needs of teens.  A flowing physical practice will empower students to build strength and self-confidence. Mindfulness and breathing exercises will be introduced as tools to manage anxiety and reduce stress.  Classes may include journaling, art or other thoughtful activities to deepen self-awareness and create space for self-expression.


Prenatal Yoga

Call for start date

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga:

  • Ease discomforts and prepare emotionally and physically for delivery
  • Decrease anxiety and stress and process your increased emotions
  •  Bring an awareness to breath and how to use it for calming in labor
  • Improve circulation and prepare muscels and hips for birth
  • Build strength and stamina and align the body to accomodate life within

Drop in $15.00 or $75 for 6 week series (ongoing series/join anytime)


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