Children's Services

Insight Learning & Wellness Center offers many services to help children grow stronger in mind and in body. While Insight serves children of all abilities, we offer many services for those with special needs. Insight offers:TKD Instruction

  • Innovative Movement Programs that
    • Increase focus and attention span
    • Teach important life skills
    • Include character building lessons
    • Build confidence and self-esteem
    • Increase strength, flexibility and stamina
  • Summer camp for ages 6 - 13: Camp Insight
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Private psychological and educational evaluations
  • Drug-free alternatives to assist those with ADD/ADHD and other disabilities
  • Insight's Club for Kids

Insight Wellness is an approved provider of the Autism Scholarship Program through the Ohio Department of Education. 

Do you suspect Dyslexia, ADHD or Autism?

Signs can be subtle. Get the answers you need now through a private evaluation. No need to wait for a teacher recommendation or school system requirements. Insight Learning & Wellness offers complete psychological and educational evaluations by licensed school psychologists, language specialists and occupational therapists. 

A thorough and precise evaluation reveals the answers. Parents, children and teachers can then put the pieces together for joy and success.

Struggling with a diagnosis?

Insight offers ways to help kids naturally. There are many therapies and services for children that are natural and have no side effects.  We can help your child to excel in school, make friends, focus and become physically stronger.

We specialize in serving children who show any of the following:

  • has attention & focus issues 
  • avoids reading &/or writing
  • has difficulty making friends
  • displays a lack of self-control
  • appears shy or lacking in confidence
  • appears to be gifted and unchallenged


Assistance is Available for Autism Services!

The Ohio Department of Education has an Autism Scholarship program that provides $20,000.00 annually and can be used to pay for services at Insight and other approved and registered providers. Call 1-877-644-6338 for a full list of requirements & application forms or visit

Beyond Words Foundation - provides scholarships based on need for therapies and services that are recreational in nature, example: horseback riding, swimming, music, dance, drama, art, karate, social skills groups, sports.  Note:  services do not have to be adapted or therapeutic, but must meet recreational standard.   

Resource Links:

Find a Provider - American Holistic Medical Association



Our center is conveniently located off 271 at the corner of Richmond & Emery. Click here for maps and directions.